Veterinary services under the Project implementation


A range of significant works have been conducted regarding the carrying out of planned activities under the LPDP implementation. In order to support veterinarians and timely implement the measures regarding the livestock treatment, 24 veterinary clinics were constructed in Project targeted districts and fully provided with necessary equipment and medicaments for one year period. With the goal of overall access to quality and timely manner veterinary services, a trilateral agreement was signed between the PMU, PUU and veterinarian where the veterinarian has been committed to provide veterinary services in a period of not less than 6 years to PUU members. In general, these clinics are providing services to 14 432 households of 164 targeted villages to implement activities related to animal health, including immunization (vaccination). To prevent infectious diseases, 32 425 heads of cattle and 59 846 heads of small ruminants were vaccinated. At the same time, trainings regarding the “strengthening of veterinary services” were conducted by the PMU specialists for 24 veterinarian experts.