Livestock breed improvement – key factor for development of its productivity

Under the implementation of Pasture Development Programme for 2016-2020, pasture lands of various districts are being improved year-on-year and cattle tracks along with bridges to pastures are being rehabilitated to the extent possible.

As of implementation of Livestock Breeding and Thoroughbred sphere Development Programme, annually 25-30 artificial insemination points are being organized and provided with the purebred bulls’ semen.

Along with this, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for the purpose of improvement of livestock sphere and pasture conditions numbers of State Investment Projects are being implemented in cooperation with international organizations.

Within the period of 2014-2015 years, 40 heads of black and white, Schwyz and Kazakh white-headed purebred bulls have been provided to Muminobod, Sh. Shohin, Khovaling, Baljuvon, Kulob, Vose, Farkhor and Temurmalik districts by the PMU in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. With the usage of mentioned bulls, 2463 heads of local cows were inseminated naturally and as a result 1125 heads of offspring were received.

Supports provided by the PMU regarding the improvement of small ruminants sphere are significant as well. In particular 510 heads of Hisar breed rams were provided to Muminobod, Sh. Shohin, Khovaling, Baljuvon, and Temurmalik districts, whereby the breed of small ruminants is being improved.

By giving into the operation of 24 private veterinary clinics and providing them with modern equipment the livestock health condition is being improved.

Implementation of such activities affords ground to reach total, fruitful and economical livestock sphere development and improve livestock breed step by step.

Mirzoev M. - Head of the Republican Enterprise on breeding, thoroughbred, artificial insemination, procurement and sales of breeding animals.