Climate Change Adaptation


Climate change is one of the most important international issues, complex, comprehensive ecological, economic and social issues to ensure sustainable development of all countries, including the Republic of Tajikistan.

Although climate change is a global phenomenon, its negative consequences are being feeled by the vulnerable people of poor countries that are severely affected. They are more vulnerable because of their dependent of natural resources and limited possibilities.

The impact of climate change in Tajikistan is being widely seen. The rapid rise of natural disasters, the rapid melting of glaciers, floods, drought, and catastrophic meteorological elements have negatively impacted the food, water, and energy security and population health as well.

Also, the increase in the wastes of fluid gases and concentration of these gases in the atmosphere is a major factor in the emergence of global warming. Certain levels of anthropogenic activities affect the emergence of climate change with de-forestation, fuel consumption and changes in land use. Also warming and hot areas causes drought and leads to low productivity of agricultural lands.

 D. Kazakova

LPDP-II National Climate Adaptation Consultant