Progress in rural women activities

Pochoeva Munira - a resident of Sarichashma village of Shamsiddin Shohin district is married and has five children. She is being considered one of the Project beneficiaries. She is the head of milk processing and marketing group in Sarichashma village. Sarichashma village was provided with milk processing equipment in 2015 by the Project, where she was responsible for promoting the work of this group. Munira is one of the active women in Sarichashma village, in this regard she was selected as the head of group. The mountainous Sarichashma village has a small local market. She provides the processed products to the market and earns money from their sale. In the first half of the year, Munira together with her group members has processed 3240 liters of milk in home environment and brought to the market. Especially their group produces chakka, dry yoghurt, kefir, milk oil that are needed and required by the local population and consumers.