Study tour in Argentina


From South to South – This week a Tajik delegation happily returned back home after a 10-day visit to Argentina. The travel covered almost 40,000 km between the continents and inside the country from the very South (Tierra del Fuego) to the very North (Colonia Santa Rosa) – a very long journey, but every kilometer of it worth it! The study tour was organized as South-South Cooperation under the ongoing IFAD-financed Livestock and Pasture Development Programme, where Tajik counterparts came to learn about Argentinian experience in livestock production and beyond. The country in a matter of years had transformed from a self-sufficient meat producer to a worldwide-recognized leading exporter of beef.

The study tour was focusing around the following main topics: intensive beef production based on the cultivated pasture rotation system, degradation mitigation, improved fodder conservation, water harvesting and irrigation, forecasting and monitoring based on remote sensing and modeling, and other technologies for livestock development.

The in-country’s support was kindly provided by the UCAR, the Agriculture Sector Coordination Institution within the Ministry of Agroindustry, which deals with all the donor-financed projects, including the WB, IFAD and IADB, as well as the INTA, a scientific-research institute of agro-industrial technologies. The Argentinian representatives were overwhelmed by the flow of questions from the Tajik counterparts who were very keen to learn about technologies that could be practically applied in Tajikistan, for example, aluminum watering points, wind water pumps, water filtration systems, photo remote estimation of crop and orchard yields, and modern lab applications. They have also learned about the Argentinian Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation, an Argentinian government programme that provides high-level experts to developing countries free of charge. An IFAD’s newly approved project for goat development will be also having similar initiative. The Government of Tajikistan intends to seek support from both Funds.

The study tour has been organized with assistance from the FAO Investment Centre.