Environment security


The global efforts in various fields of economic and social development for the preservation of the environment and the ecological resources sustainability provide a number of important and essential tasks. One of the most important problems is ecological problem. Environmental challenges are the climate change (environment) that is occurring as a result of human activities in another words men made. Therefore, ecological problems have anthropogenic nature, which is a result of the negative impact of the population. According to the classification, environmental problems are of a different nature, and by taking into account the occurred situation, influencing external and internal factors are being addressed. As a result of the local nature, ecological problems belong to one specific area, the environmental problem is a particular regional characteristic to a particular region. There are also global challenges that affect the entire world.

It is important to note several important environmental issues.

In the case of unstable land use by the population, it degrades, damages and its layer begins to destroy. All of these occur due to the improper use of pastures and poor management, as well as cutting the trees. As a result, approximately 7 million hectares of land are annually facing degradation in the world.

In order to prevent all these damages sowing of trees in non-irrigated lands and establishment of intensive orchards are very has a good effect.

         Every day we pollute the environment with different forms and these are of the most important environmental degradation problems. In today's modern world, management and processing of waste is a matter of urgency. By throwing the plastic containers, polyethylene bags and other modern tools and objects, we pollute the environment.

Parvina Mirzoeva

National - Environmental Consultant