Provision of agricultural machinery to rural community


With a view to providing of rural population with agricultural machinery and with taking into account the needs of the Pasture Users Unions of Mir Said Alii Hamadoni district, 15 units of MTZ Tractors have been distributed. Indeed, the shortage of agricultural machinery creates a lot of difficulties in conduction of fieldworks in due time. By taking into account of these shortages the PMU has provided access to the rural population with agricultural machinery. According to the Project Implementation Plan the PUUs are expected to be provided with additional agricultural machinery. In this year, 180 PUUs have been established within all Project targeted districts, and currently the Project's activities are being fully implemented. 30 PUUs were established in Mir Said Alii Hamadoni district. Also within the second phase of the Project 196 Common Interest Groups for production of fodder seeds and improvement of small ruminants breed have been formed in all districts, and 30 of them are in Hamadoni district. It should be noted that provision of these supports not only satisfies the needs of the population, but also contributes to the creation of new workplaces.