A valuable contribution of LIDP-II towards the improvement of living standards of rural women


Yatimova Mahbuba is one of the most active Project beneficiary, and an active member of the PUU “Karatov-2017. Karatov-2017 is located in Kuhdoman village of Farkhor district. In 2018, in Kuhdoman village, WIGG was organized with the involvement of 10 unemployed women in the field of breeding, processing and marketing of rosehip, and Yatimova M., who was very interested in this activity, was elected as a leader of women's group. In order to start the group’s activities, with the IFAD funding under LPDP-II implementation, 1 ha of rosehip garden was established and fruit drying and packing machines were provided.

WIGG of Karatov-2017, using equipment for drying and packaging of fruits and vegetables during the harvest season, dried more than 3,050 kg of fruits such as apricots, apples, plums and walnuts, which brought a certain amount of income to the budgets of their families.

This group makes all its efforts to make an income and spends the earned money on educating their children and expanding their activities. Children help this group in using new technologies. It was this help of his children that, despite the difficulties of Covid-19 pandemic period, in 2020-2021, they were able to sell their dried products using the Internet which become a source of income.

The group is run by Yatimova Mahbuba, who says, “When we, with the help of our children, advertised our dried products on the website, many buyers called us and even asked for more products than we offered, this has doubled my interest in increasing production. So we decided to expand our garden by an additional 0.5 hectares so that we could get more product during the harvest and increase the number of members in our group”.

During the period of activity from 2018 to the present, WIGG in Kuhdoman village, along with growing, processing and marketing of rosehip, is also engaged in collection of other types of fruits and vegetables. In particular, during the apricot harvesting season, more than 1 ton of apricots were harvested. Similarly, apples, plums, etc. have also been dried and sold in the local market.

In Kuhdoman village, women are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Previously, they did not know how to use the surplus products. It is with the funding of IFAD and LPDP-II implementation in the village that these conditions are created, the production capacity is increased, women get more income from the fruits that have been lost over the years, as well as provide the village and district markets with mentioned products.

Yatimova M. stated, “Prior to this Project, we were not interested in rosehip processing and did not know how much this product would cost and what the benefits of this fruit would be. After the LPDP-II specialists trained us on horticulture, we realized that this type of shrubs would not only benefit our families' budgets, but also protect our environment and lands from degradation. Thanks to LPDP-II specialists, who visited and trained rural women, we learned and now we are engaged in growing rosehip and drying fruits independently, and we sell our products even online. Now we are drying not only rosehip but also other fruits, such as apricots, apples and plums. Our team is very grateful for the IFAD support, and we will do our best to continuing to grow it.”

In the climatic conditions of the village, rosehip breeding is appropriate and beneficial. Therefore, LPDP-II was able to attract rural women to entrepreneurship and increase their income.

Abdurasulov Shuhratjon

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