Tractor solves villagers problems in all seasons

With the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the International Fund for Agricultural Development under the Community-based Agricultural Support Project was supplied 1 unit of tractor MTZ-83 and agricultural equipment in 2021 to Nigova Village Organization.

Tractor Sherafgan_1

After delivering tractors and agricultural machinery, in order to timely sow agricultural crops village farmers lands were completely plowed and cultivated last autumn.

At the same time, in order to clean internal village roads and connect with the main road in winter, VO Council members decided to buy special shovels from machinery income, as Nigova village is located in the foothills and annually it snows a lot every winter. The snowfall weakens villagers connection with district center and its central market. The road will be dangerous for most vehicles, said Shodiev Qiyomiddin, Nigova VO Chairman.

Due to this, VO members bought special shovels for a tractor that is used to clean snow and level lands and roads.Tractor Sherafgan_2

With the use of VO tractor village internal roads that is more than 4 km, roads connected with village regular cleaned and it creates opportunity for villagers travel without difficulties to center and other areas.     

It has also become safer and easier for rural children to go to school. In previous years, high snowfall sometimes caused them to miss classes (they lag behind in education).

VO Chairman intends to purchase a threshing machine in 2022 at the expense of collected funds, as the threshing machine is also activated by a tractor engine. With threshing machine access, efficient tractor use is improved.    

Sheravgan Rajabov

District Project Officer in Rasht district