Workshop in Abu Dhabi


With the initiative and support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) an international workshop on Procurement Planning and Reviews and No-objections was held in Abu Dhabi from October 3 to 7 of current year, that was organized by the Near East, North Africa and Europe Division (NEN) of IFAD. The event brought together approximately 150 participants, including representatives from IFAD-funded projects in Near East, North Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia as well as staff from IFAD field offices and headquarters and Tajikistan representatives from the State Enterprise “Project Management Unit “Livestock and Pasture Development”. The issues on "Towards more inclusive rural transformation in NEN: Key role of youth and women", targeting of the rural poor in both, middle income countries and in fragile situations, gender equity and women empowerment in government programms, strengthening youth employment through project interventions as well as sustainability in projects have been considered and a visit to the research station of Al Dhaid (Sharjah): seed technology unit, greenhouses, irrigated forage, use of treated waste water and spineless cactus was organized. Achieved practices on youth and women involvement to the labor employment within the implementation of investment projects was one of the important topics of the workshop. Thus it should be noted that IFAD pays a special attention for involvement of youth, especially young women to the projects activities and increasing their skills and knowledge.