Visit of IFAD’s working mission to Project covered districts


During the dates of 25-28 October 2016 was conducted a visit of IFAD’s working mission to targeted districts of the Livestock and Pasture Development Project. IFAD’s representatives had reviewed the progress on project’s implementation and discussed the situation with its direct beneficiaries. Working mission had closely studied considerably achieved results such as activities of pasture users unions, improved infrastructures, constructed veterinary clinics, operation of provided agricultural machinery and equipment, and other activities realized under Project’s implementation. Main attention was paid to the methods of pasture rotation which practices had been considered as best modern practices for improvement of pasture conditions and operation of provided machinery. In course of meetings, the PUUs members had shown their high satisfaction from provided machinery the operation of which allows undertaking all field works in a timely and duly manner thus leading to improvement of their livelihoods conditions.