Community contribution in project implementation


Within the “Livestock and Pasture Development Project” implementation, the community contribution is determined for realization of infrastructural sub-projects and provision of agricultural machinery and equipment. In this connection, informational and explanatory events have been conducted by the PMU specialists in Project targeted districts. Community contribution is considered the key indicator for the Project achievement and its sustainability.

203 Pasture Users Unions (PUU) have been established under the Project implementation in Shamsiddin Shohin, Muminobod, Temurmalik, Baljuvon and Khovaling districts.

With a view to their sustainability and also for the sense of responsibility of PUUs’ members for the keeping and efficient use of materials and infrastructural facilities, IFAD has identified the following requirements as a community contribution:

- Community contribution for the sub-projects of procurement of agricultural machinery and equipment - 10%;

- Community contribution for infrastructural sub-projects - 5%;

- Community contribution to support individual entrepreneurs - 30%.

Payment of community contribution is one of the main IFAD requirements, which ensures increasing of PUUs members’ responsibility as owners and their sustainability. It should be noted that most of PUUs are very active in the process of payment of mentioned contributions.

It is expected that in the process of “Livestock and Pasture Development Project - II” implementation, an appropriate measures to be carried out regarding to the timely payment of community contribution.