Access to the pasture land use rights


 One of the priority areas for “Livestock and Pasture Development Project” implementation is to assist for obtaining of pasture land use setificates. The given issue in specified in IFAD requirements and guidelines and effective mechanisms and recommendations have been proposed for their implementation. Based on normative legal acts, in particular in law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On pastures” the rights of use of pasture lands are clearly shown. In this context, the PMU has set up necessary actions regarding to receiving of pasture land use setificates. 203 Psture Users Units have been established in five Project targeted districts, at the present, 61 of them have received pasture land use setificates. The main objective obtaining of pasture land use setificates is effective use of pastures and protection of interests of population and strengthening of PUUs’ sustainability. According to the set plan the PMU is contributing to obtaining of above mentioned certificates. Much attention is given to this issue in implementation of “Livestock and Pasture Development Project - II” phase, in this regard the PMU consultants are carrying out explanatory works in Project targeted districts.