Official distribution of machinery in Dangara


For the purpose of provision of rural community with the agricultural machinery and equipment by taking into account the needs and requests of Dangara PUUs, 24 units of MTZ Tractors and 6 units of trailers have been officially distributed in December 28, 2017. As a matter of fact, shortage of agriculture machinery causes the difficulties while carrying out field works. Taking into consideration above mentioned needs and requests from PUUs, the PMU has provided for rural community good access to agriculture machinery. According the Project implementation plan it is expected that PUUs of mentioned district to be provided with additional 9 MTZ Tractors and 5 trailers as well.

In general with the support provided by the Project, 58 PUUs have been established in Dangara district and provided with 11 units of mobile offices and 58 units of GPS navigators and office equipment. Along with the above mentioned, in order to improve pasture lands condition, the PUUs have been provided with 26494 kg of carbamide/urea, 62765 kg of superphosphate, 2048 kg of sainfoin seeds, 20330 kg of barley, and 1408 kg of alfalfa seeds.

As about the improvement of local livestock breed, 120 heads of Hisor breed rams and also 12600 kg of mixed fodder for them and 11 heads of purebred bulls were supplied.