Tourism sphere development is culture representing and basis for national economy development


Tajikistan with its beautiful landscapes, pure water, and enjoyable and holiday centers is attracting tourists attention all over the world. We have witnessed that year over year the more foreign tourists are visiting our country. Since Tajikistan is the only country in Central Asia that is familiar with its sources of pure water, favorable natural and climate conditions as well as our country’s unique tourism opportunities and national culture.

Declaring 2018 the Year of tourism and folk crafts development in order to develop tourism and revive folk crafts sector by the initiative and support of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon is a reflection of the fact that Tajikistan is strongly interested in attracting of foreign tourists, tourism infrastructure improvement, and on this basis on promotion of ancient civilization.

Surely tourism sphere development in every country on one hand provides basis for introducing of both culture and history and on the other hand is a key source of national economic development.

It should be noted that by declaring 2018 the Year of tourism and folk crafts development it is not only planned to attract foreign tourists to Tajikistan but at the same time it is envisaged that the local population to be attracted to use the country’s landscape and resting places.

In each its speeches and performances the Leader of the Nation mentions, that health of the nation is health of the Government. The sustainable future and Tajikistan prosperity starts from the health of the nation; in this regard visiting the background tourism elements provides opportunity to ensure health of the nation.

Most of the country’s touristy places are of the health rehabilitation facilities. One can easily feel and witness four seasons in our motherland. Visiting historical sites of our ancestors makes every foreign tourist to be aware of history and culture of creative, hardworking and civilized people. It is well known that during the recent years the foreign guests are coming to Tajikistan with joy and going back with good memories of welcoming atmosphere. In this regard, nowadays the majority of world’s countries have assessed our country as a tourist friendly and secure country which we can be proud of.

Tourism and folk crafts development ensures the touristic sites infrastructure to be more improved and local population to be significantly attracted in visiting of beautiful landscapes. As about the revival of folk crafts, it provides favorable basis for development of culture and ancient traditions of Tajiks.

With no doubt, provision of support and development of tourism and folk crafts obliges all of us to do everything in power, discharge civic duty and fulfill instructions and assignments of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon with a great responsibility, to present Tajikistan with all its beauties to the world and prove the fact that Tajiks are creative, warmly welcoming and civilized people.

Karimzoda Sadi Gafor

Director of State Enterprise

“Project Management Unit

“Livestock and Pasture Development”