Meeting with the Mass Media representatives


February 12, 2018. The Press conference of State Enterprise “Project Management Unit “Livestock and Pasture Development” (PMU) was held in Republican Press Center with the participation of Mass Media representatives and journalists. The PMU Director Mr. Karimzoda Sadi has opened the Press Conference by noting that the PMU is implementing agency of first and second phases of “Livestock and Pasture Development Project”. He has stressed out that these Projects are being implemented in 10 districts of Khatlon region with the support provided by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and International Fund for Agricultural Development. Closing date for the first phase is planned September 30, 2018 and as about the second phase it will be implemented until March 31, 2021.

Mr. T. Murodov and Mr. N. Kholov have provided detail information regarding the Projects achieved results. They have informed the journalists on Projects implementation process, their priority areas, involvement of rural women to Projects activities, provision of agricultural machinery and equipment to rural community as well as infrastructure development.