Project support to develop fodder reserve and establishment of rosehip gardens establishment


Within the implementation of second phase of “Livestock and Pasture Development Project” in the first half of February, 2018 the PUUs of Dangara, Vose, Hamadoni, Farkhor and Kulob districts have been provided with the fodder seeds and mineral fertilizers. For the purpose of improvement of fodder reserve and its productivity 2245 kg wheat, 2910 kg lucerne seeds, 30564 kg barley seeds, 1536 kg esparcet seeds, 118.2 kg fodder beat seeds and 10752 kg corn were distributed. Furthermore, above mentioned PUUs have been provided with the 112 982 kg carbamide (urea) and 213 462 kg superphosphate. It should be noted that similar supports have been earlier provided by the Project to Project targeted districts by the Project. The key goal for these supports is to provide PUUs with opportunity to sow fodder seeds in sowing area and improve their fodder reserve.

In order to keep pasture management in a sustainable manner, 18 PUUs were provided with 22 packages of fencing materials to establish demonstration plots in 22 ha.

As about Income Generation Activities rosehip plants were distributed as provided by districts: Dangara – 8000 plants, Vose – 2000 plants, Hamadoni – 10000 plants, and Farkhor – 9000 plants that generally makes 29000 plants. For closing the territory of rosehip gardens 14 packages of fencing materials were distributed. Also to improve their productivity 14594 kg of superphosphate and 19098 kg of carbamide (urea) were provided to above PUUs.