Drought effects in pasturelands of Tajikistan


Climate change effects to Tajikistan are being highly observed in recent years. Especially this unexpected situation has made its negative impacts to winter and summer pastures. As a result of drought year, the pasture vegetation has dried up, and even in some areas has totally disappeared. Thus, this year’ drought has caused considerable challenges for the pasturelands of Tajikistan and livestock breeding sphere development. The situation is very troublesome in pastures of Project targeted districts as well.

Furthermore the drying up of pasture plants have resulted an increase in livestock mortality and degradation of pasture environment. The consequences of this situation have led to the degradation of pastures and on the other hand the rural population has not sufficient fodder reserves.

Due to the drought year and insufficient grasses in winter pastures, the livestock was brought to summer pastures almost 35-45 days before the planned date, which is a serious threat to summer pastures and can lead to overgrazing and degradation.

Moreover, the harmful insects such as (Rhizotrogus, Xanthrogrogus, fortis Reitt) have highly spread and are causing damage to pastures. The local population and relevant authority are worrying regarding the occurred situation.

It should be noted that such a drought year has not been observed in Tajikistan for the last decade. Within the framework of State Investment Projects’ implementation, currently the rural livestock breeders are being supported with necessary requirements by the State Enterprise “Project Management Unit “Livestock and Pasture Development” and to be adapted climate change.