Mr. Liam Chicca Francis visit to Project targeted districts


June 19, 2018 - Mr. Liam Chicca Francis - Special Adviser to IFAD President has visited demonstration plot – Rosehip garden, established within the “Livestock and Pasture Development Project-II” implementation in Dangara district with involvement of unemployed rural women. During a meeting with members of women group Mr. Liam Chicca has negotiated on the issues like economic profits of rosehip product, its keeping process, organization of working places, and supports provided by IFAD.

Furthermore, he has visited Wool Processing Women Group in Obi Shirin village of Temurmalik district and was introduced with their entire working process. It should be noted that the following group was established by IFAD funded “Livestock and Pasture Development Project” and provided with necessary wool processing equipment in this regard is producing more than 12 types of products from wool of local sheep breed. Mr. Liam Chicca expressed his satisfaction with the work of the women group, saying that the women group activities should be strengthened, and in the future expanded for the broader support and involvement of unemployed women in rural areas thus making profits for the prosperous future.