Livestock sphere development and pasture lands rehabilitation

Istiklol village of Farkhor district is situated 720 m above the sea level with the total 1626 ha land areas that includes 1150 ha pasture lands, 472 ha rainfed lands and 4 ha orchards. Number of households living in this village makes 147 mainly involved in agriculture sector. Furthermore the total number of sheep head is more than 5000, whereas the livestock breeding is one of components of agriculture sphere, it is highly important and profitable activity for rural population.

Under the implementation of second phase of “Livestock and Pasture Development Project” (Project), in an effort to facilitate the development of livestock sphere as well as the use and management of pasture lands in a proper manner, the Pasture Users Union “Mehr” (PUU) was established in 2017.

Within the framework of the Project implementation and following the PUU requests, 1 unit of tractor with attachable equipment, fruits and vegetables processing and packing machine, fencing materials for natural rehabilitation of pasture lands, 300 units of water boxes (produced in Netherlands) for growing fruit trees on dry area, 15 heads of Hisor breed rams and other materials have been delivered to the villagers.


Using provided agricultural machinery, the PUU members have fully cultivated and harvested fodder crops in a timely manner for the period of 2018-2019 years, thus collected necessary amount of fodder for the winter period. During the 2018-2019 period, by using the Hisor breed rams, the villagers have received more than 600 heads of purebred offspring which increased their income.

In order to increase the profitability and empower women from poor households, through the establishment of income-generating activities thus reducing the pressure on pasture lands, the Women Income Generating Group was established with involvement of 10 village women in growing rosehip and processing fruits and vegetables. To provide support and involve poor village women with work, 1 ha rosehip was planted. At the same time, the group was equipped with the necessary fruits and vegetables processing, drying and packing equipment, hereinafter working to make more income for their families.

For the purpose of rehabilitation of pasture ecosystem, a demonstration plot of 0.50 ha area was established this year in PUU pasture lands. Rosehip and pistachio trees are drought-resistant and will play a key role in rehabilitation of pasture ecosystems, provide additional economic benefits as well as prevent pasture lands degradation.



Furthermore, due to lack of irrigation water, PUU members are growing tomato and cucumber using these water boxes, providing villagers with the fresh vegetables and additional economic benefits to the farmers.