On the 18th of February of current year, in the meeting hall of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan was hosted the press conference of the State Enterprise "Project Management Unit "Livestock and Pasture Development" with the participation of the representatives from republican and international Mass Media.

   Mr. Abdulahad Khojazoda, PMU Director expressed gratitude to journalists for good and fruitful cooperation with the State Enterprise "Project Management Unit "Livestock and Pasture Development" and presentation of achievements in last year.

    It was noted that to develop livestock, keep the livestock productivity, prevent pasture from degradation and improve environment under implementation of the "Livestock and Pasture Development Project-II" had been realized 55 infrastructural sub-projects (cattle tracks in 6 villages, stock watering lines in 40 villages, construction and rehabilitation veterinary point in 2 villages, cattle shed in pasture in 1 village, rehabilitation cattle track in 5 villages and cattle bath in 1 village).

   Additionally, in order to naturally improve breed of population livestock, beneficiaries were provided with 76 bulls (18 black and white and 58 Schwyz) and 708 Hisor rams. In better reproductive condition keeping bulls and rams in wintering and insemination period were provided necessary amount of concentrate fodder, as well.

   The main goal of "Livestock and Pasture Development Project-II" is to improve living standards of the population of Kulob city, Vose, Dangara, Mir Said Ali Hamadoni and Farkhor districts through profitable pasture management and improve livestock productivity.

   As well as, it was stated that under implementation of the "Community-based Agricultural Support Project", in order to improve ameliorative condition of lands, timely and better preparation of sowing lands, cultivation between rows of agricultural crops, fodder harvesting, fights against gardens pests, collection the harvest of agricultural crops, Village Organizations of targeted districts were provided with 55 different types of tractors, 9 grain harvesting combines, 78 plows, 23 trailers, 43 harrows, 13 baler-machines, 3 potato-plater and potato harvesters, 15 cultivators of between rows, 2 rotary sprayers, 11 rotary mowers, 1 thresher machine and 3 agricultural equipment. The farmers from targeted districts of the Project had need to such tractors and modern technical agricultural equipment. Plowing machinery, grain harvesting combine and new agricultural equipment will contribute to profitable land use and increase its productivity.

   It should be noted that "Community-based Agricultural Support Project" is being implemented in city and districts of Norak, Dusti, Jaihun, Devashtich, Shahriston, Rasht and Tojikobod cover 46982 households in 161 villages. - Project goal is to assist economic development, improve community access to production infrastructure of service for steady production of agricultural products and improve rural population living standards. Project implementation was started in 2018, will finish in March of 2024, - said Mr. Abdulahad Khojazoda, PMU Director.

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