As a result of regular use of agricultural lands, harvesting crop yields and continuous use as pastures, amount of active biological substances is absorbed by plants' roots and reduced in the soil. To rehabilitate this ratio, use of ecological clean organic fertilizers is beneficial.

With this purpose, animal and poultry manure can be used as valuable organic fertilizers that have nutritional qualities for plants and vegetation. As a result of manure effect on the soil, microbiological processes will be activated, number of beneficial soil bacteria increased and soil structure enriched with vital and essential micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc., that leads to soil fertility and, consequently, increased crop yields.

Manure is a natural waste product of birds and animals, contains many useful elements and gradually turns into humus in nature. Therefore, birds and animals manure contains all necessary substances for their conversion into various high-quality fertilizers. Its main components are complex organic substances, most of which are composed of various polysaccharides. Animal urine also contains many organic and inorganic substances, some of which are very active.

Significant benefits can be obtained from the processing of animal and poultry manure that is considered waste. Processing of manure in different ways allows producing organic fertilizers and compost from it.

Soil fertility and crop yields depend on the proper use of fertilizers and compliance with its norms. At home, cattle manure is mostly used to increase soil fertility and overproduction. Depending on feeding situation, one head of cattle produces 20-25 kilograms of manure per day. On average, rate of livestock manure use for all types of plants is 30-40 tons and poultry manure is 20-30 tons per hectare of land. According to sphere experts, proper use of organic fertilizers will increase crop yields by an average of 1.5 times.

Organic fertilizers are produced not only from animal and poultry waste but also from other organic products. For processing of manure and production of organic fertilizers under production and home conditions, same processes that occur during decomposition of manure and other organic matter decompose under natural conditions. Understanding and managing these processes will make it possible to produce high-quality, ecologically clean and economically viable fertilizers from waste materials.


National Livestock Development Consultant