With the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan more than two thousand households of Rasht, Devashtich and Shahriston districts have been provided with clean drinking water

 Dushanbe, February 12, 2022 /NIAT “Khovar”. In order to solve primary and important issues at the rural level – lack of drinking and irrigation water, with the support Government of the Republic of Tajikistan in cooperation with the International Fund for Agricultural Development construction 5 subprojects on construction of drinking water supply lines and 10 subprojects on irrigation water supply lines fully completed and handed over to rural community in 2021 under implementation of Community-based Agricultural Support Project. Abdulahad Khojazoda, Director of the State Enterprise “Project Management Unit “Livestock and Pasture Development” made this statement at the press conference on February 11, 2022.

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Abdulahad Khojazoda added that as a result of irrigation water supply lines construction, irrigation of 892 ha of agricultural lands has been improved and favorable conditions have been created for farmers to sow the second and third harvests. Also, as a result, the implementation of 5 subprojects on drinking water lines construction, 2039 households in Rasht, Devashtich and Shahriston districts have been provided with clean drinking water.

At the meeting, it was also noted that on the eve celebration the 30th anniversary State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan 19 tractors and 8 combines were delivered to Devashtich district, Shahriston - 2 tractors, Dusti - 29 tractors and 2 excavators, Jaihun - 43 tractors and 2 excavators, Rasht - 11 tractors and 7 frontal loaders, Tojikobod - 2 tractors and combine harvester.

During September-December 2021, more than 62 km of internal ditches and drainages were cleaned using the available excavators in Dusti and Jaihun districts. As a result, meliorative conditions 1532 ha of arable lands have been improved which contributes to land increase. 

Source: https://khovar.tj/2022/02/bo-dastgirii-ukumati-to-ikiston-besh-az-2-azor-honavodai-no-iya-oi-rasht-devashtich-va-sha-riston-bo-obi-tozai-nushok-tamin-shudand/  

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