Harvesting machinery use has replaced manual labour

With the support of Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and International Fund for Agricultural Development under Community-based Agricultural Support Project was supplied a requested tractors, agriculture equipment and other support to Mujun Village Organization in Devashtich district.  One of the provided  technics is grain harvesting combine to the community of Mujun VO. 


Boboev Vohid, Mujun Village Organization (VO) Chairman informed that the main source of income Mujun village residents is agriculture and livestock. Annually, grain crops are grown on more than 1,000 ha of land. The grain harvest season begins in late June, and village did not have a modern combine to harvest grain, and machinery remained from Soviet times and outdated. In order not to miss harvest season, farmers rented combine from neighboring villages, which were also old and expensive to rent. Old combine harvested low-quality grain and mixed it with straw without separating it from stalks, which resulted in a loss of grain yield. Farmers were sometimes forced to reap harvest manually with their wives and children in order not to lose harvest and used artificial grinders to separate grain. Some farmers threshed manually harvested grain on threshing floors with horses and donkeys to separate grain and straw. It took a lot of time and energy for women and children.

Fortunately, in January 2021, State Enterprise “Project Management Unit “Livestock and Pasture Development” supplied a combine for grain harvester to Mujun Village Organization (VO) to support farmers. As a result, with this powerful combine in the harvesting season of 2021, grain lands were completely harvested and farms were provided with high-quality technical services. The village women and children were freed from heavy manual field labour, harvesting and gathering grain. At the same time, several poor farms received free services.

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From agricultural machinery income, 500-meter-long footpath was built along the main village road to ensure schoolchildren safety. 

In 2022, Mujun Village Organization plans to continue this pedestrian path to the end of the village and further contribute to public safety.This sidewalk was built to ensure safety of schoolchildren and pedestrians, as until now there was no sidewalk near the highway. Currently, pedestrians and schoolchildren are using this sidewalk.


Qutbiddinov Ilyosjon

Community Development Consultant in Devashtich district