Green-houses use in climate change condition

Under the Community-based Agricultural Support Project (CASP), 22 green-houses for agricultural crops growing were constructed and commissioned in the targeted districts, thus providing 44 members of Village Organization (VO) with permanent jobs and additional income. Beneficiaries grow various crops in the greenhouses and receive income from their sale to increase their livelihoods.

greenh 1Of course, VO members have sufficient experience in growing crops, however, climate change in today conditions requires additional agronomic knowledge. Taking into consideration this fact, CASP consultants conducted seminar-training for the Devashtich, Shahriston, Dusti and Jaihun districts beneficiaries on the topic “Growing plants in greenhouse conditions” from April 12 to 30, 2022 with 70 VO members participation.

The recommendations were given to seminar-training participants on proper selection of crops, crop rotation, proper use of minerals and chemicals, ways to retain moisture in the soil and protect plants from diseases, pests and effects of heat exposure.Greenh 2

After completion theoretical part of seminar, participants visited greenhouses and got acquainted with each others activities. In the process of seedlings planting and crop growth state, participants were given advices on plants cultivation. The active participation of women in the seminar-training shows that they are interested in growing crops.

In the greenhouses are planted seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and spicy peppers, turnips, melon and all kinds of greens. The melon seedlings have been transplanted to open fields that will help bring early harvest to market. Some women also earned additional income by selling their seedlings in village and district markets.

As a result of the seminar-training, participants learned necessary information to ensure crop sustainability in the condition of climate change.

At the end of the seminar-workshop participants expressed their gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the International Fund for Agricultural Development for the creation of greenhouses and thus improving the living conditions of the rural population.


Murodov Yusuf – Agronomist/Agricultural Consultant